Software Effective Solutions Corp.

Customized CRM tools for your business

We use Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress to make your industry catered, perfect CRM tool.

We use:

JotForm, SquareUp, Wave Payments, VMWare, Amazon Web Services to scale your demands.


We are a Louisiana Corporation, assigned Charter Number 44538986D . We were also known as Gulf Petroleum Exchange but have changed our business from Oil and Gas, to software.

Our registered office is

1100 POYDRAS ST., #2900, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70163

We have offices in: Washington, British Columbia, and Quezon City (Philippines)

Our third party providers include: Madison Stock Transfer (our common Stock Transfer agent), (our Registered Agent), ( our listing of our tradeable common stock as we are a publicly traded company). Our Profile will be updated frequently and be viewable at :

Search for Louisiana Business Filings (


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We are responsive and can be reached at:

+1-347-841-0806 - text and voicemail and call available, PST -8GMT

Our Products

  • Form and Survey creation, powered by JotForm

  • Bulk Email list creation for your email mail-opts, compliant with all standards of anti-spam

  • Auto reminders and auto scheduling of Email mail-outs

  • Virtual Machine installs for VMWare, VirtualBox.

Our Services

  • Password Management

  • Receipt tracker powered by Foreceipt

  • Cryptocurrency wallet creation and security

  • Primary DNS hosting for your web domains

  • Managing, building your domains

  • Affordable Cloud Storage

About us:

Team members:

Anna Xu Tang - Director, Project Manager

Darlyn Caballes - Director, B.Science, Business Administration

Kim Halvorson - Corporate Compliance (non director)